Very useful, works as intended.

– Kim H.


Bought these after attending the oyster festival in new Orleans last month. the Charbroiled oysters we made with these taste every bit as good as the ones we had there.

–  Mikelab


You need these – even if you don’t know why. The day you need them, you will thank me! – JB


Love the flat bottoms. Can use on grill or oven. Nice heavy weight. Have used for stuffed peppers, shrimp, oysters, fish and chicken. If used on grill, can get smoked flavor without over charring.

– Mrs Noah


These were exactly what I needed! I’m allergic to shellfish and after seeing my beau devour a half dozen charbroiled oysters in New Orleans I wanted to lick his plate! After some creative brainstorming I came across the Oyster Mushroom! It’s said to be the same texture and mouth feel of a real oyster! I ordered these shells, copied a few oyster recipes down and patiently waited for delivery! I was on pins and needles waiting but the arrived fast! I gathered all my ingredients and went to town! The shells are a nice large size! It even came with a broiled oyster recipe and some other suggested uses. One pic had 3 med sized shrimp in them. They are flat on the bottom (unlike a natural oyster’s shell) which helps keep them balanced while cooking. Also because they are even thickness all around it cooks fast and even. My recipe with the oyster mushrooms turned out great! The beau even agreed! Now I can enjoy my version of oysters!

 – Tiffany K.


Compared to shucking a sack of oysters (and all the issues that go along with that), these Schwings SOS (Stainless Oyster Shells) are a Fantastic alternative. They are an Easy to use-Easy to Clean-Easy to Store convenience that takes all of the worries of real 1\2 shell cooking away! My son concocted a “jacked-up” recipe that consists of equal parts of fresh grated Romano, Pepper Jack and Parmesan cheeses, mixed with small amounts of diced jalapenos, then seasoned with garlic powder, cayenne pepper and real bacon bits. Put 2-3 oysters (small to medium size) with melted butter in each SOS shell, then a healthy serving of “the mix” on top. Simmer on a hot pit for 10 minutes…but be careful, THEY ARE ADDICTIVELY GREAT!!!

 – Theo

Very handy to use and clean up is easy. I spray each with a small amount of non-stick cooking spray before putting a shucked oyster on it. I drop a dab of oyster butter on it and some thawed chopped spinach & parmesan. Put it on the grill and in a few minutes – excellence!!

 – Greg H


We have 2 sets of these. You can cook so many things in them. They are high quality and easy to use. I recommend this product to anyone who likes to cook. I have also given this as gifts for many occasions.

 – Lynali

Shells work well! We used these cooking shells in the oven. Saves messing with real shells. Easy to clean and store. 

– Marian U.

Tried New Orleans Pralines in them and they were GREAT.

– Audrey B

These shells were sooo easy to clean up.

– Cindy P.


I love my shells. I am always looking for new recipes and ideas with them.

– Neil G.


“Love mine”

– Kathryn M.


These are awesome…I use them often; great for entertaining.

– Cindy N.


“Stock up on these for gifts!”

– Nancy P.


“I love these things. How long will they last if I use them everyday?”

– Suzy M.


My shells are better than all my cast iron pots (well on the same level). My husband rants and raves every time I grill in them. He has taken pictures and sends them to all his friends. Thanks for a great product.

– Pam D.

What a great unique product.

– Fred R.

I was so excited to use them I forgot to take pictures…Love them!

– Trish R.

“I have two dozen they are bad ass.”

– Raymond M.

Well, it’s worth it as I don’t have the hand strength to open the oysters themselves anymore. Thanks for a great product.

– Jane R.

We love them!!! Making stuffed crab cakes in them next!

– Dianna W.

We turned our good friend from Dallas onto SOS Shells awhile back-he just got his yesterday and is probably enjoying some of the best shrimp in Big D tonight. My rule of thumb: if you are at Drago’s, real shells are great. Otherwise, the SOS shell can’t be beat.

– Patrick F. , Seagrove, FL

We own a small cheesecake business and I’m always doing out of the box stuff, I used metal crab shells for my cheesecake a couple times and it was a great hit. Love the shells and were gonna do cheesecakes in them. Thanx again for your product.

– Bruce n Hope

Sonny, we used our SOS for the first time last night. They are sooo neat! (And the bar-be-qued oysters weren’t bad either!

– Pat  H.

love, love, LOVE my SOS Shells….

– Renee S.

Sonny, The oyster shells are an excellent product. They were packed beautifully, and the shipping was very quick. I especially like to Q&A and recipe documentation that was provided. Growing up in Jefferson Parish, I became an avid oyster fan and had been wanting to try this on my own for a while now. I was initially worried about burning the oysters when charbroiling since the process requires high-heat and high-flames, but did not have any problem at all as these shells are made from high quality heavy-duty material. I cannot wait to show them off at my next football party. Here are some pictures from my cookout. Please feel free to use any in you scrapbook. Thanks and Geaux Saints!

– Joel, Germantown, MD

I love my shells. i posted a couple pictures to your facebook page as well as starting a thread on the bbq forum i post on….peace

– Jason, Biloxi, MS

Born and raised in south Louisiana one becomes a custom to eating Cajun food. Don’t ask why but I relocated to East Tennessee and not able to find real food. When I saw the add for your oyster shells I knew I could create my own little cajun heaven. I grilled 2 doz. oysters using the 12 shells and they were awesome. Thanks for your product it brought Louisiana to me. Thanks.

– Gary, Mobile, AL